Photo book "Organ landscape Meuse-Rhine"


The new photo book of the Dutch organist-photographer Ton Reijnaerdts, made in co-operation with Henk van Loo, with over 200 unique photographs in colour.


One of the most remarkable things in any church is the organ, and indeed, many wonderful instruments have been built over the years by skilled craftsmen. Soundboards, tracker action and hundreds of pipes (items which are invisible being mostly obscured, inside the organ), they all contribute to the powerful sound which is created when the organist presses the keys. Organs need to be heard as well as to be seen. The purpose of this book is a visual one: the authors do not pretend that this is a musicological study of organs. We want to demonstrate the splendour of a great number of instruments in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. The spectator is confronted with the presence of a valuable historical inheritance in its own environment, with the accent on preservation. It is good to see that in the last few years a renewed interest is growing in organ culture. We have tried to encourage this by producing our book. The book has three chapters, each representing different eras. Each chapter opens with a short introduction. The authors have proceeded carefully, selecting only the most relevant organs. This book is not merely a collection of pretty pictures, its purpose is also to show to the reader the development of organ cases. Often the only part remaining of an instrument is the case. The origin of some of these stunning organ cases has often been lost and cannot be traced any more. Later generations of organ builders also left their marks on these instruments, but often no information is available. However: what remains is certainly most impressive!


You can order this unique book by filling in the form of the foundation Samenwerkende Orgelvrienden Limburg, which you will find on the contactpagina of the website of the foundation.